Ashok Nagar Library

Ah, the absolute bliss of a blog that no reads is that I can express my opinion no holds barred.

Ashok Nagar Library,Hyderabad is one place that sends shivers down my spine with ease every time I’m in the surrounding area. It is a concentration of people who I never seen before who are so eager to study, eager to achieve, eager to become policy makers, eager to fulfill aspirations of their loved ones and so on. Every day while I go for a brisk walk in the evening I make sure that I visit the library last because when I see the people with unbridled positivism studying under the fluorescent street lights like of illumination without a care for the world my energy subdued by walking returns in its fullest extent.

Kudos to the aspirants at the Ashok Nagar Library and similar libraries throughout the nation who are young and able-bodied and would serve as the policy makers India needs.

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